Do you accept everyone who applies?
No. We get many new applications every week and do not take on every applicant we receive an application from. Our ethos is to only have clients on our books that we feel we can get work. You will be notified within 5 days of submitting your application and will either be asked to come to one of our assessment days or told you have not been successful this time.
What happens after I apply?
We hold assessment days every month. These are generally held at our offices in Broadgate, London (5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station)
Are there any fees?
We believe in being upfront and honest with you at all times.
Applicants aged 0-17 we charge a £50 setup fee. This fee covers the administration and staffing costs in representing all our clients. This fee is in line with the industry standards.
Applicants 25 and over should already be on Spotlight.
Applicants under 25 will be required to sign up to Spotlight which costs £103 a year.
You will be required to have professional headshots. If you already have these then we can use them. If you do not have any then you will be required to get some. You are free to get these done wherever you please or you can use our agency photographer.
Are you a sole agency?
How do you make money?
We make our money when we secure you work. We take a commission on any work we get you.
Am I guaranteed work?
No. We cannot guarantee work for you. No talent agency can. All we can say is that we will do all we can to get castings for you. This is your foot in the door and the potential start of your dream…
What type of work can you get me?
We get roles in everyday for theatre, feature films, television, commercials and much more.
We have placed both children and adults in; London musicals, short and feature films in the UK and abroad as well as many TV commercials. We get a variety of roles in every day so we never know from day to day what fantastic opportunities we can put you up for.
Casting are generally at very short notice sometimes less that 24 hours notice and are mainly in Central London. The rooms/office that these casting take place or normally fairly small, so for children only one parent/guardian should attend along with the child and for adult casting you should go alone.
Castings for children aged 4-16 are normally between 4-6pm during weekdays and can be anytime during the day on a Saturday or Sunday. Children over 16 and adults, castings are normally during the day.
You will be responsible for all travel costs to get to the casting. Sometimes will receive a small fee for you to attend the casting from the production company, which you will advised of before the casting.
Shoots normally take place during the day, so parents of school aged children must be happy for their child to miss school. If your child is of school age then they will require a child performance licence. We will apply to your local council for this. Parents should be available to chaperone their child to castings and shoots. Professionally licensed chaperones can be found for shoots, but NOT for castings.